Located in San Gerardo de Dota, Costa Rica, QERC sits at 7200 ft (2200 m) high in the cloud forests of the Talamanca Mountains. Extensive and diverse high elevation cloud forest habitat that surrounds QERC is perfect for research and education purposes. With access to over 20 miles of hiking trails and 980 acres of private reserve QERC provides a convenient nucleus to base and support field activities.

QERC is situated alongside the Savegre River in a habitat dominated by oak and bamboo, blanketed with epiphytic life, and dripping with moisture from the daily mist and rains. This productive habitat is an ecosystem boasting high levels of diversity in its flora and fauna species. The intense local biodiversity and variety of ecosystems combined with agricultural activity and eco-tourism business provides a diverse location for both multidisciplinary education and research purposes.

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