Costa Rica Pygmy-Owl (Glaucidium costaricanum)

The station was busy today, with lots of researchers coming and going, a group of students heading out for a birding tour, neighbors showing off our lab to family, and a couple tourists stopping by to see our Natural History Museum with their guide. Amid the chaos I also was lucky enough to check a new bird off my list. 

This Costa Rican Pygmy Owl was spotted in the tree right outside our lab, and we almost missed it! I was chatting with a couple visitors from Utah about the aguacatillo tree, and other fruit that is eaten by the Resplendent Quetzal. As we were talking someone remarked on how much bird activity was going on in the tree, as I looked up I noticed a small brown bird out of the corner of my eye. The thing that made me look twice was the classic "head swivel" of an owl. 

As I pointed out the owl the tourists with me only saw the Magnificent Hummingbird (which was pestering the owl)  It was quite a sight- four or five hummingbirds buzzing around the pygmy owl's head. Fortunately I had time to run and grab my camera, and snap this photo before the owl had enough of the hummingbird harassment.