Research presentations given at QERC are arranged here by year. The majority of these presentations were conducted in Spanish, though some include English translations. 

We are currently working to digitize the QERC library of student research papers and presentations. If you have an urgent request, or are the author of a paper you would like to see listed here please contact the Field Station Manager. 


Summer 2015

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Spring 2015

Spring 2014

 Spring 2013 - 2011

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Spring 2010

  • Temperatura preferida de las lagartijas, by Rachel Eguren
  • Identificación de bacterias en el Río Savegre, by Robby Jackson
  • Poblaciones de alga en las áreas de trucha, by Austin Griffin
  • Medir la abundancia de las frutas de los Aguacatillos, by Emily Ogle
  • Ecología de los conejos de monte, by Andrew Olsen
  • Los Movimientos de las largartijas, by Hunter Gibson
  • La resistencia antibiótica de bacterias en las áreas de trucha, by Spencer Whittenberg
  • Ecología de la familia de planta Ericaceae, by Katie Field    
  • Estudios de quetzales, by Johnnie West
  • poblaciones de insectos en diferentes tipos de tierra, by Collin Whitsett


QuetzalThe Quetzal Education Research Center, located in San Gerardo de Dota, Costa Rica, serves as a secondary campus for Southern Nazarene University and educates students in tropical ecology, biology and field research, while promoting biodiversity, sustainability, and social responsibility.

To this end, QERC works with students and researchers from around the world, to educate and conduct research focused on the tropical cloud forest and its floral and faunal community. QERC connects students with local farmers, research scientists, and educators from around the world bringing scientific knowledge and conservation practice to the local community.

In 1986, the Quetzal Education Research Center emerged out of the relationship between Southern Nazarene University professor Dr. Leo Finkenbinder and Efrain Chacon. The Chacon family pioneered the settling of the Savegre Valley in 1955, and as time went on Efrain allowed the Dr. Finkenbinder and his wife Zana to bring students into the valley for their studies. This partnership resulted in the construction of a small laboratory in 1996 and a larger educational and research facility in May 2001.

The Quetzal Education Research Center is a place to learn about the environment and conservation. But we don't just talk the talk; QERC prioritizes the principles of sustainability. We’ve found several ways to help promote and sustain the health of the valley in a number of ways. Check out a few below…

Dr. Jeff Griffitts is the director of QERC and a professor of biology at Southern Nazarene University in Bethany, Oklahoma.  He teaches several courses at QERC and also leads the water quality project being conducted in the valley.  He is passionate about environmental stewardship and teaching.







Carson and McCall are the QERC Field Station Managers. Carson is originally from Arizona and McCall from Oklahoma. They have made San Gerardo de Dota their second home. They are the on-site coordinators for QERC's Spring program, as well as contact point for visiting students and researchers. Carson and McCall enjoy hiking in the Costa Rican cloud forest, cooking new recipes, playing board games and being outside.  








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