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QERC is located in the Valley of San Gerardo de Dota, along the Savegre River. We are in the shadow of Cerro De la Muerte, which is Costa Rica's second highest summit. Getting here can be difficult due to unpredictable weather patters and road conditions. 


If Traveling By Car

  • From downtown San Jose, take the Florencio del Castillo Highway (39) south to the Interamerican Highway (2).
  • Take the Interamerican Highway (2) south toward San Isidro General for approximately 55km (35 miles)
  • Turn off at kilometer-marker 80.  There are signs marked “San Gerardo de Dota.”
  • The valley road to QERC is 9km (5.5 miles) long, consisting of mixed dirt and pavement switchbacks.  QERC is located on the property of the Savegre Hotel.
  • Plan at least 3 hours travel time between QERC and the SJO Airport.


If Traveling by Taxi

  • A taxi ride from San Jose to QERC will generally cost $150-170 each way. We recommend travelers use a known, trustworthy driver, and make arrangements ahead of time. 
  • The San Jose International Airport is located in the town of Alajuela.  There are taxi drivers at the airport who charge a flat fee of $20 for transportation to any main bus terminal in downtown San Jose. 


If Traveling By Bus

  • The bus line from San Jose to San Isidro General is called MUSOC. Travelers will take this bus, and get off at the valley entrance. 
  • At the MUSOC station, buy your ticket at the "San Isidro" window. Tell the agent you are coming to San Gerardo de Dota.
  • The ticket costs approximately $6.00 each way.
  • When boarding, you must notify the driver that you need to be let off at kilometer 80, San Gerardo de Dota (“Entrada a San Gerardo de Dota”).
  • The bus will stop once for a restroom break at the Macho Gaff police station. Again, remind the driver where you need to get off. 
  • QERC can help arrange transportation between the bus stop and the QERC facility if we know your departure time in advance.
  • The bus ride to the San Gerardo de Dota bus stop is approximately 2 ½ hours, which includes a rest stop half way.



  • Using GPs navigator, or a cell phone with an active data plan for maps is recommended. Use "Hotel Savegre" as your destination.
  • The last available gas station is at Los Chespiritos & El Empalme on the Interamerican highway (2) at kilometer 40, 
  • The bus ride to the San Gerardo de Dota bus stop is approximately 2 ½ hours, which includes a rest stop half way.